Revolutionize the construction industry with ERP software?

The construction industry is one of the vastly changing industries. With technology taking over the construction sector, many industries have already adopted this digital transformation. Going digital is no longer optional, it is now a necessity. Construction ERP has been a boon for the industry. ERP software has been proven to increase productivity and smoothen workflow for stakeholders. It’s time to revolutionize your construction business with an ERP software system.

All you need to know about construction ERP software?

Construction ERP software is a specialized type of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system built specifically for construction sector & designed in such a way as to assist construction companies and contractors in the management of their construction projects. This type of software helps streamline business processes, from financials to project management, so that construction companies can better manage their projects and resources. Construction ERP software consolidates data from all aspects of a project, allowing them to view real-time information and make informed decisions quickly. Automating many tedious tasks that would otherwise be done manually, it allows construction companies to save time and money while completing projects with greater accuracy and efficiency. Through the use of this software, contractors can manage all aspects of their business, such as budgeting, accounting, scheduling, and procurement. With Construction ERP Software, contractors are able to more accurately track their costs and profits across multiple projects while also improving customer service by streamlining communication between stakeholders on a project.

Features to look for in a construction industry ERP

Now the question arises of how to choose the best ERP software for construction industry. There is no thumb rule for choosing an ERP solution. The best way for the right software selection is to analyze the basic needs of your industry and then choose the software that best meets your industry-specific needs. Here are some top construction ERP modules that every construction company should look for in construction management software:

Pre & Post-Sales Module:

From tracking and nurturing leads to property booking, the ERP system offers easy execution of every pre & post-sales transaction. Right ERP software allows you to manage all your projects in a single system. It plays a key role in smoothening core business processes.

Drawing Management:

Engineers can keep all property plans and architects can save layouts within the construction software.. Furthermore, you can provide other team members access to those files.

Project Management:

The project management module consists of different sub-modules that are available for managing and tracking the planning, scheduling, and costing of a project. ERP helps plan projects in advance by giving an overview of the progress of current projects.

Inventory Management

From material requests to material utility and inventory – everything is available in this module. Construction work will never be halted again due to inventory shortage as it keeps you updated about inventory levels without needing to take follow-ups from the project manager.

Files management

Files management is one of the most useful benefits of ERP software solution. Construction involves a number of documents. Best ERP systems allow you to store important documents and files within the software. So no more stress to store construction site docs physically.

CRM & SCM Solution

An effective cloud ERP system should also offer customer service and supply chain management capabilities. An appropriate software allows for an organized approach to interacting with customers and personnel in the construction industry.

Benefits of using construction software

There are undoubtedly numerous benefits of using construction ERP software. There are many ways in which ERP for construction can simplify the construction process. Some of them are as follows:

  • ERP system helps companies to better manage financials, project management, billing, bid, cash flow, and invoice tasks.
  • ERP software helps integrate multiple systems and provides an integrated platform for all business operations.
  • ERP system makes collaboration among different departments and teams efficient and smooth.
  • ERP system also helps users keep track of tasks, costs, materials, assets, and other resources used in construction projects.
  • The main advantages of using Construction ERP Software are improved efficiency, better management control over the entire project life cycle, cost savings due to automated processes, scalability, and flexibility to suit changing needs over time.
  • Additionally, construction ERP offers various reporting features that allow users to monitor progress and make informed decisions.
  • With the right Construction ERP system, businesses can ensure quality control across their entire construction operations while reducing operational risks associated with manual data entry or paper-based processes.

How construction software can solve challenges faced by every construction firm

  1. Manpower shortage: Not only the construction industry but every business today faces a manpower shortage. There is a huge gap between job opportunities and job seekers. The right construction software helps in the automation of simple tasks like nurturing leads.
  2. Communication gap: The involvement of too many parties leads to a lack of communication. ERP software can help companies to bridge this gap by facilitating Conversation within the program.
  3. Timeline Restriction: Builders have to devote a lot of time in the field reviewing the work. An apt ERP software allows builders to review different construction projects within the software and finish projects on time and on budget.
  4. Hassle of paperwork: Documents management is one of the foremost industry challenges. Integrated software makes builders get rid of paperwork by offering a computerized filing system.

It’s time to revolutionize

Go on and revolutionize your business with the right ERP for construction companies. Build Formula is a modern-day construction solution. Make your management system efficient with this advanced technology accounting software. It is tailor-made by industry experts. Get started with a 15-day free trial or reach out to us for a free demo.

Build formula is one of the best ERP software available. It makes operations of the construction sector smooth and efficient. This software helps to manage all the stakeholders in one place. Build Formula is tailor-made software for the construction industry as it eliminates physical visits to the sites and reduces the chances of errors or duplication of work.

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