Know how real estate CRM software benefits contractors and builders

In the aftermath of the Corona pandemic, India’s real estate industry is witnessing an optimistic expansion with heightened sales and building projects. According to a recent Anarock report, from January 2021 to September 2021, the Indian residential market experienced a 27% surge in new supply and a 5% increase in sales.

Competition among real estate companies in attracting property buyers is also rising along with the rising opportunities. That’s why Indian real estate companies are looking at the best CRM tools to stay ahead of their closest competitors.

5 reasons why Real Estate CRM is necessary for you

Yes, you read it right. Real-state CRM system is no more a choice, it has become a necessity now. A CRM solution assists real estate businesses to prosper in times of cutting-edge technology and withstand the cutthroat atmosphere. Let’s take a look at the key benefits of construction management software:

1. Nurture and build sales leads

Gone is the time when real estate agents used to sell properties through face-to-face interactions or over phone calls with customers and clients, while some engaged in email marketing to build their leads. Now, the real estate CRM system can automatically capture leads and contacts from multiple channels and assign them to sales executives for nurturing purposes.

2. Automate the sales process at various stages

The process of real estate transactions involves many steps comprising pre-sales, the sales, and then post-sales. The right CRM helps streamline business processes by scheduling viewings for possible buyers, providing precise pricing estimates, preparing documents regarding the property, and creating post-sales reports.

3. Classify prospective leads

Real estate companies should sort their leads and customers according to their individual tastes, demographics, and financial situation. This permits them to create profiles for these potential buyers and identify the optimal properties for them. CRM management solution helps real estate agencies categorize the target audience and modify their marketing message based on their personal profile.

4. Improve overall productivity

Productivity is dependent on how well real estate professionals can recognize and interact with potential customers. With the help of the real estate CRM tool, property builders can prioritize and concentrate on the “most likely” buyers and get in touch with them promptly. As compared to conventional real estate management tools such as Microsoft Excel, CRM software can lessen the period needed to connect with clients.

5. Smooth customer journey through the sales funnel

Seamless user experience and smooth conversion of leads are key elements for sales success in any industry. To ensure this, businesses need to create a sales funnel that nurtures leads from the initial contact to the final purchase. This process is best achieved by using a CRM solution specifically tailored to their industry, such as construction or real estate CRM. Such software can track each stage of the sales pipeline, from SQLs and MQLs to converting those leads into paying customers. By utilizing the right CRM solution, a business can build strong relationships with its customers and maximize lead conversion rates. With the right construction or real estate CRM, businesses can be sure they have a well-designed system that will help them get more out of their sales pipeline while providing users with an enjoyable customer experience.

Why Build Formula is the best real estate software?

Build Formula is the next-generation software that enables real estate professionals to manage workflow smoothly and efficiently. It is a cloud-based CRM solution that can be accessed anytime anywhere through a smartphone. Here are a few reasons that justify why Build Formula is the best CRM software for real estate business management:

For Builders

  • This software solution lets you manage all your real estate properties in one place.
  • Unlike licensed software, it does not require an IT team for timely updates and maintenance
  • Unified dashboard for all the departments including marketing and sales, customers and agents/brokers, etc.
  • End-to-end encrypted and secured customer data management platform
  • The Gantt chart module of this CRM software also allows you to get updates about the progress of various construction projects.
  • High-end solution for
  • You can launch your tenders and give contracts to the most cost-effective inventory supplier.
  • One-stop solution for property bookings & property management
  • Using CRM, you can monitor inventory levels at all your sites without needing to visit them in person. This will minimize raw material wastage and ensure efficient use of stock.

For Contractors

  • One of the top benefits of using construction software is lead generation. Its integration feature will help yu get information about people showing interest in your property and helps you create marketing campaigns accordingly.
  • CRM for real estate can help contractors increase efficiency, improve collaboration, and make more informed decisions.
  • By streamlining processes such as project management, service management, document management, accounting, and reporting, construction software can help contractors save time and money.
  • Construction software also provides an effective platform for communication between team members, which helps to ensure that everyone involved in the project understands their roles and responsibilities.
  • Additionally, construction software can be used to track progress on projects and generate reports that provide insights into areas such as cost analysis and resource utilization. This data can then be used to better plan future projects and optimize decision-making.
  • Finally, construction software can provide real-time updates to all stakeholders so they have visibility into the project?s status at any given time. This helps keep everyone on the same page and ensures that no one is left in the dark about critical changes or issues.

Hold on to your key to success

CRM for construction is indeed a key to success for construction companies. The Indian real estate sector is encountering a multitude of difficulties in the time after the COVID-19 pandemic due to escalating competition and heightened customer expectations. Installing CRM software can aid in revamping customer relationship management and increasing productivity.

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