Choosing the Best Real Estate CRM Software: 5 Essential Features to Look For

Real estate businesses are widely adopting technology to combat the rising competition in the industry. Businesses are increasingly using technology to stay competitive in the industry. Many firms are turning to real estate customer relationship management (CRM) software, which has become increasingly popular in recent years. Real estate CRMs provide a platform for managing client relationships, streamlining communication, and automating business processes. This software has many features such as contact management, lead tracking, and communication tools to make the work easier. With a CRM, real estate agents can better understand their customers’ needs and preferences and offer personalized services accordingly. Utilizing the technology saves time and enables agents to grow their businesses more successfully. Real estate technology like CRMs has become essential to stay ahead in the competitive market, where clients are expecting more modern and efficient services.

What is Real Estate CRM?

Real Estate CRM, also known as customer relationship management, is a type of software designed specifically for the real estate industry. It helps real estate agents and realtors manage their customer relationships by organizing and tracking customer data, as well as providing tools for lead generation and management. By using real estate CRM software, agents and realtors can better manage their leads and customers, streamline their processes, and increase their efficiency. This type of software allows them to easily access information about their customers, such as their contact information, property preferences, and buying history, which can help them provide a more personalized experience for their clients. Overall, real estate CRM is becoming an essential tool for agents and realtors in today’s highly competitive market.


Things to look for while choosing the best real estate CRM software for your business


Many real estate CRMs come with customization options. You can get customized packages according to your business requirements. Real estate agents need a CRM that is tailored to their business needs and goals. Customization ensures that the CRM software can meet the specific needs of the business and streamline processes. This makes it easier for agents to manage their clients, properties, and transactions efficiently. For instance, the lead management module is useful for sales and marketing teams, and the drawing management module is used by engineers and architects. The right CRM platform offers you the option to only pay for the specific modules that you use.

Remote access

The best CRM for real estate is one that can be accessed from anywhere with a smartphone or any other digital device. There are CRMs that come with mobile apps that make it easy for users to use them remotely. Cloud-based software has been built to meet the unique demands of modern real estate. Whether you are in the office, at home, or on the go, as long as you have an internet connection, you can access your data and manage your business operations through a cloud-based CRM system. This flexibility is particularly important for real estate agents who often work remotely.

Cloud-based software offers many advantages over traditional on-premise software. It typically offers automatic updates and backups, ensuring that your data is always secure and up-to-date. Such CRM allows easy collaboration between team members. With everyone accessing the same system, it?s easy to share files, notes, and tasks, ensuring that everyone is on the same page.


Make sure of using a CRM that has an easy user interface. No technical expertise is required to operate it. A user-friendly interface in a real estate CRM enables the users to easily navigate and access all the necessary tools and information without needing technical knowledge. This, in turn, saves time and effort, and minimizes errors, allowing real estate agents and brokers to focus on their core responsibilities. Moreover, with a user-friendly interface, users can easily customize the system, such as adding or removing fields, creating templates, or generating reports, based on their specific requirements.

The right CRM software also helps in enhancing productivity and efficiency by providing intuitive tools and features such as automated lead capture, lead scoring and nurturing, customizable dashboards, and workflow automation. Additionally, a user-friendly interface offers a seamless experience across different devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, allowing users to access critical data and tools on the go.
In summary, a user-friendly interface in a real estate CRM is essential for simplifying complex tasks, improving productivity, enhancing the customer experience, and helping real estate agents and brokers make informed decisions.

Third-party integration

Third-party integration is a must-have feature for CRM for real estate companies. By integrating it with major property portals like and 99acres. com you can get genuine quality leads or property inquiries. Moreover, Integration with messenger apps like Whatsapp, helps sales teams to follow up on potential leads. This feature empowers your team ‘s marketing campaigns and lets you manage leads better. It saves you from juggling multiple spreadsheets and docs.

One of the key strengths of new software options is their ability to integrate with other tools and platforms. This is certainly true in the case of many modern software systems. As a user, you can take advantage of numerous third-party integrations to streamline your workflows and boost productivity. From integrations with CRM systems to payment gateways, to marketing automation tools, the best software options are designed to be highly customizable and flexible. This means that users can connect their existing tools with new software, and enjoy the benefits of more efficient collaboration, streamlined workflows, and ultimately better business outcomes. With plenty of third-party integrations, you can unlock a world of possibilities and save valuable time and resources by minimizing the need for manual data entry or data processing.

Free trial and demo

Here are some reasons why you should get a free trial or free demo before buying right CRM for real estate business:

  1. Evaluate the features: A free demo allows you to test various features of the CRM software without making a commitment. This can help you identify the features that are essential for your business and avoid paying for unnecessary features.
  2. User-friendliness: The demo enables you to gauge how user-friendly the software is. A CRM system that is difficult to use can be a big headache and impact the productivity of your team.
  3. Integration: Testing the CRM software in a live environment will allow you to check how well it integrates with other tools you use. This can help you identify potential integration issues and find workarounds.
  4. Compatibility: By testing a CRM system, you can ensure it is compatible with your existing software and hardware. Some CRM tools work only on specific operating systems or web browsers.

Overall, getting a free trial or demo before purchasing a real estate CRM can help you make an informed decision and avoid burning your pockets.

Ultimate guide to choose right

When choosing real estate CRM software, it is important to look for certain features that can enhance your business operations. One of the top features to consider is customization. Your software should allow you to personalize your customer experience, from branding to creating custom fields. Another important feature is that the software should be cloud-based, allowing easy access from anywhere with an internet connection. Additionally, looking for a CRM with a free trial can give you the opportunity to test the software before committing to a purchase. And lastly, a user-friendly interface is essential. Your team should be able to easily navigate and use the software without requiring extensive training. These features can help you choose the right CRM software that caters to your business needs and provides a smooth, efficient experience for your team and clients.

Build Formula is one such implementable CRM in real estate industry that has all the features mentioned above. It’s lead management module helps you close deals faster and turn new prospects into new customers. It’s drawing and document management module helps you keep all important designs and docs in a centralized location. And most importantly it’s multiple user access feature ensures seamless communication among all stakeholders. Get a free demo now to know the top benefits of CRM software and streamline your sales process.


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